Monday, June 30

Ramona Frame Bra x Panty

These frisky little numbers are actually two of my Top Sellers!! Made from a lusciously soft satin elastic & detailed with satin bows these frame garments are absolutely irresistible. Each garment is made from multiple adjustable straps ensuring a comfortable & playful fit. The Ramona Frame Bra is perfect to be worn just as is, over a crop top, tank or dress. Definitely a versatile piece to be worn from casual to intimate settings.


Sunday, June 29

Behind The Scenes: Fawn

Just a few behind the scenes snaps from my photoshoot on Friday with babe Jenna & amazing Hana Haley. These photos are from my iPhone but if you guys didn't know, almost all of my lookbook photos are shot with 35mm film or some kind of polaroid camera. Rarely we will shoot in digital but it sometimes happens. 

For this lookbook I easily created a floral head piece made from dollar store roses & a plastic white headband. Definitely a cheap dreamy DIY project. 

I was super thankful that the babes from Hello Cheetle let us use their beautiful home for the shoot. High ceilings, lots of light & beautiful wall embroidery not to mention their amazing striped rug! I have to say this is by far one of my favorite shoots yet!! Can't wait to share the completed lookbook with you goons. 

Have an awesome fucking Sunday!!


Tuesday, June 24

XOXO Navy Baby

One of my limited edition little numbers currently listed on my Etsy!! I only have one left in a size small so if you been drooling for something delicate & navy I'd suggest you purchase very soon. As I wrote in an earlier post here, this bralette is super comfy & easy to pair with your current wardrobe pieces. Personally, I'd wear this with bralette with a skater skirt & a pair of Jeffery Campbell's Scully Platforms in white.


Friday, June 20

Lillipore Bralette

Here are a few photographs from my very first lookbook. Pictured above from top to bottom is the Crimson 12 Spike Headband, Lillipore Bralette & the Ivy High Waist Panty all available to purchase. So what seems to be a really long time ago, almost a year I guess... I sketched out a small mini collection inspired by Natasha Lillipore's once lime green hair (see photo below). For this mini collection I used lime green mesh & a lusciously soft black fish net fabric. 

Sexy, sporty & daring.

As I wrote in an earlier post here, I only ended up creating the bralette which is now available on my Etsy. I have decided to take this style down from my website since I only have two XS sizes left. And with the remnants of fabric I do have left from this collection, I have created a few styles that I already posted about. I never want the supplies I have go to waste so I always make sure I can make the most of what I have left :) .

Photo: Hana Haley / Model: Frances Tomei

Monday, June 16

Strawberry Rosary

Custom Strawberry Rosary Set I just finished today. This little number was inspired by my original set I made awhile back here.   If any of you goons ever want something sold out on my shop/ customized, don't hesitate to email me. I've done loads of custom pieces the past two months & I really enjoy creating them!! I actually have enough fabric to make one more of this set if anyone is interested. 


Sunday, June 8

Lace x Mesh Sale

Lace x Mesh Bralette ♡ I only have two XS sizes left!! 
If you goons use the code "LACE88" at checkout you will get 10% off this lovely little number. 


Sunday, June 1

Fawn Part 2

Fawn ♡ A lingerie collection inspired by Felice Fawn herself. 

 As I wrote in an earlier post, this collection is made up of lace/ mesh embellished with silver crosses & satin bows. Just yesterday I created my original set (photographed above) in white. I am super happy with the results!! The Fawn Set in white is very bridal, feminine & delicate. I can't wait to shoot it!! I am actually going to be making a matching veil with this set & possibly a new floral headband. Anyways, the Fawn Set is available in both black/ white in sizes XXS - XXL on my shop here

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I feel kind of terrible but whatever. I am going to spend my Sunday making new items for my shop including some loungewear tops & socks!! Yes socks, haha. I already sampled 8 terrible socks but I think my pattern is good now so hopefully this will be my last sample. Patterning everything from scratch takes such a long time but I enjoy it.

Also my newest lookbook Dark Paradise just launched so visit my site & check it out!!