Friday, January 30

Squids Grotto

Hand Embroidered Cherry Girl Illustration

I truly love supporting independent, small businesses & artists... especially if they are girls!! I feel like there is more girl gang/ girl power floating around & it's absolutely intoxicating in a good way of course. There is nothing wrong with wanting to share or spread the love rather than seeing everything or everyone as a competition. 

I was fortunate enough to do a trade with Miss Squid Vish. She is the owner/ artist of Squids Grotto, an online Etsy shop catering to those urban mermaids who have lust for art. I been following her on Instagram for awhile now & love her work so much!! *___* She lovingly crafts hand embroidered illustrations of these girls who are adorned with cute little characters, doodles & food! Yes food haha. She has a Pasta Pinup Girl who is sleeping in a bed of yummy raviolis, one of my personal favorites... my boyfriend loves it too!! I am going to get the illustration framed & hang it in my kitchen. 

Squid's Grotto Hand Drawn Kitsch Stickers

Hand Drawn Kitsch Stickers

Up above are some of the stickers I was gifted. *___* Squid knows me well!! I am a sticker maniac when it comes to decorating my planners & notebooks. I just want everything to look cute while I work haha. 

Squid's Grotto Art

If you haven't already, check out Squid's work, support independent artists & spread the love!! Since I am still in crutches from my injury (if you missed out read here), I am going to have my boyfriend hang up this embroidery piece above my desk. It truly is a star piece!!

Shop: Squids Grotto / Follow: @squidvishuss

Vanessa V

Sunday, January 25

Sweet Heart, Sweet Tart

Fawn Lace Balconette Bra, Fawn Pleated Garter Skirt & Fawn Mesh Panty

It's official babes!! I just launched my newest lookbook/ collection Sweet Heart, Sweet Tart. This romantic yet cheeky series is composed of pieces from my Fawn collection & features 4 new sassy silhouettes. Dangerously seductive & sweetly sinful Sweet Heart, Sweet Tart offers a range of irresistibly dreamy styles saturated in a cherry red & playful pink. 

Lastly, February 1st I will be launching my Valentine's Film & my very first giveaway of the year. *___* If you would like a chance at winning free lingerie, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@alexandreanissa) for details. 

Shop: Alexandrea Anissa / View the Lookbook: Sweet Heart, Sweet Tart

Vanessa V

Saturday, January 17

Behind the Scenes: Sweet Heart, Sweet Tart

Fawn Lace Balconette Bra, Fawn Mesh Garter Skirt & Fawn Mesh Panty

Earlier this week I shot my newest lookbook titled "Sweet Heart, Sweet Tart" with the amazing Hana Haley & @bambidoll_. This is by far one of my favorite shoots to date! I spent over a month planning all the details & even with my incident earlier this week, I managed to drag myself to the shoot in my crutches, sit in the fuzziest most comfiest chair ever & be apart of something so dreamy.

I truly can't wait to release this lookbook along with all the new pieces I been working on. Today I am actually going to try to get some sewing done. I am still in a lot of pain but I know it will all pay off. Thanks to everyone who continues to support my shop & all that I create. I truly appreciate each & every one of you!

Fawn Lace Camisole & Fawn Mesh Panty

Fawn Lace Balconette Bra, Fawn Mesh Garter Skirt & Fawn Mesh Panty

Fawn Lace Balconette Bra, Sweet Heart Garter Skirt, Fawn Mesh Panty

These are the Leg Avenue stockings I posted about in an earlier post. Aren't they amazing? *___*

Vanessa V

Friday, January 16

Pictures of You

35mm photo of white roses

Up above is a 35mm photo I took on expired film. Truly love how it turned out. ❤  If you have a flickr account or would like to see more photos please don't hesitate to follow me here.

In other news....

 Earlier this week I was hit by a SUV while riding my bike to Safeway. As I was approaching the parking lot, I slowed down & watched the cars leave one by one to make sure I knew when it was my time to head into the parking lot. As I got closer, I assumed the driver of the SUV looked both ways & so I headed towards the parking lot entrance & unfortunately the driver didn't completely stop & was going fast enough that I couldn't use my bike breaks & ended up getting hit so hard I flew off my bike, into the street with my shoes off & everything. 

I instantly scrambled for my phone to call my boyfriend of almost 9 years but was so helpless & in shock. Luckily more than 7 people came to my aid & helped me to the side of the rode. The girl who hit me was crying hysterically & sobbing how sorry she was & wish this didn't happen. I was in too much pain to care. 

I was sent to the hospital in an ambulance, got stitches, medication, bandaged up & x-rayed. Luckily I didn't break any bones but unfortunately my knee was tore open, my face/ legs became swollen, my body bruised & myself all together helpless, limp & weak. 

I been in a lot of pain since then. I have to take medication every 4 hours just to get through the day without crying. In this time I hope all of you can be patient with me & once I rest up I will get back to completing all orders. All orders placed this week & forward will be delayed up to a week. 

If you are driving PLEASE look both ways!!!! Be courteous of bicyclists & pedestrians. I have crutches & can barely walk but I hope with lots of food/ rest I'll heal up fast. Thanks to everyone who continues to support my shop & leaves me such sweet comments!!! You guys are so amazing. Bless your hearts & your souls!! 

Vanessa V

Tuesday, January 13

Dreaming of You

Strawberry Rosary Lingerie Set

It was all a dream… My latest lookbook is inspired by faint remembrances of the past, fragments of faces and lingering scents of long lost lovers. Explore dark, but vivid florals, playful pastels and other romantic favorites.

Mysterious & seductive, my Dreaming of You Lookbook unapologetically mixes sweet with sexy. Find yourself lost into our hazy world & shop my newest irresistibly dreamy styles. Please note all garments available to purchase are extremely limited & will not be reproduced once sold. 

For those of you interested in owning a little piece of Alexandrea Anissa floral heaven, the Powder Room Magazine just launched their third issue featuring a sweet snippet of my newest editorial. You can purchase a digital or physical copy here.

Strawberry Rosary Lingerie Set

View the Lookbook: Dreaming of You

Vanessa V

Friday, January 9

Lipstick Colored Lingerie

Fawn Lace Balconette Bra

As much as I love black lingerie my heart occasionally aches for candy colored laces, vibrant power meshes & playfully sweet silhouettes. Here are a couple of sneak peek photos from my upcoming Valentine's collection.

Up above is the Fawn Lace Balconette Bra in progress. Like I stated in an earlier post here, I recently created my very first underwire bra from scratch. I spent over a month developing my underwire bra pattern & so far I am extremely happy with it. I still have to hand grade a handful of cup sizes (something I am not looking forward to) but can't wait to photograph & share what I been working on. 

Last year, or my first official year of owning a business I felt like I NEVER really planned ahead for special sales, events, holidays etc. I kind of winged it & did everything last minute. Definitely not the way to go! So with this new year I would like to be a bit more organized when it comes to launching future collections/ lookbooks. 

Sweet Heart Garter Skirt

Above is another sneak peak of a garment I will be releasing with my Valentine's collection. Stock will be extremely limited in this style & it will not be reproduced. If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for my shop's newsletter here so that you won't miss out on my Valentine's Extravaganza. I will be releasing a new collection/ lookbook & short film just in time for Valentine's Day. *___*

Lastly, I recently purchased these Leg Avenue Two Tone Cuban Heel stockings on Ebay for my upcoming Valentine's shoot. Red stockings paired with red lingerie is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae, so I definitely couldn't resist not to buy them. *___* I am kind of debating if I should write reviews for lingerie/ hosiery I purchase. Not sure if any of you babes would be interested in that but I would love to share my thoughts. 

Red Stockings

Vanessa V

Monday, January 5

Restocked: Dark Paradise

Dark Paradise Lace Bralet

For those of you lusting over jet black laces I recently restocked the Dark Paradise Lace Bralet (photographed above) & the Dark Paradise Lace Bodysuit. My entire Dark Paradise collection is almost completely sold out. I have a handful of each style left on my shop in sizes XXS - 2XL & all are on sale. *___* If you are looking for functional & affordable handmade lingerie I would definitely recommend purchasing one of these delicate silhouettes. Once this collection sells completely it will be gone forever. 

Vanessa V

Friday, January 2

New Year, New Lingerie

Fawn Lace Bralette in Black, White Red & Peach

Happy New Years babes!! Hope everyone had a fun & safe night. ❤ I pretty much stayed at home & worked haha. I am really excited for what 2015 has to bring. I been working on a number of new collections/ lookbooks as well as building my brand & planning projects for the upcoming months. I really can't wait to share what I have been working on. I am so blessed to have such amazing creative support friends. *___* I wouldn't have been able to do what I do without them or all of you who read my blog/ support my shop. You guys are fucking awesome!! 

Anyways, with today being the 2nd day of the new year I thought I would organize my garment rack & clean out my sample bins from 2014. So over the next couple of weeks I will be listing a handful of limited edition lingerie to my shop here. Please note that the garments I list are extremely limited in quantity & may not be reproduced. 

Up above is the Fawn Lace Bralettes in Black, White, Red & Peach. The Fawn Lace Bralette in Peach is actually the first sample I ever made/designed before creating my official Fawn collection. The sewing is not to par from what I sew now but it is still a well made bra, fits beautifully on the body & needs a new home.

Fawn Lace Bralette - Red

If I have enough fabric, I will possibly add a Fawn Mesh Panty in Red to compliment the bralette. If I do, I will be sure to post photos & share on social media. Thanks for reading!!

Alexandrea Anissa Heart