Saturday, November 29

Small Business Saturday 2014

Alexandrea Anissa Office

Happy Small Business Saturday everyone!! Here is a photo of my workspace excluding two other machines I use. I been sick in bed since yesterday with a really awful cold/ flu :< . Luckily my cat hasn't left my side since Thursday night so I am feeling pretty comfy & fuzzy. Anyways, my Black Friday Sale is still going on until Monday 12/1 PST. So if you want to splurge on pretty handmade lingerie use code "BLACKBEAUTY" for $10.00 off your entire purchase!! 

Thanks to everyone who continues to support my shop, reads my blog, tweet, email or messages me. It truly means a lot!! It's been a little over a year since I officially launched Alexandrea Anissa & I wouldn't have been able to do it without any of your support. Thank you again!!

Hopefully when the sun comes out I can take better photos of my complete workspace including my garment rack!! Well thanks for reading!! 


Madison Mesh Bra

Alexandrea Anissa Limited Edition Bra

Introducing the Madison Mesh Bra... a sample I was working on a few moons ago. This bra is actually apart of an upcoming collection I have not yet released. I was playing with a few ideas including style lines/ sewing techniques & unfortunately this sheer number won't make the collection cut. This bra has a hook/ eye closure, something I thought I really wanted for this style but decided not to go through with it. If I widen the back band & leave the hook/ eye closure, the Madison Mesh Bra will offer more support to babes with a bigger bust like a L -XXL. When I fit this bra with the hook/ loop closure on a larger bust it dug into the skin making it really unflattering. 

After a few sewing a few samples & actually wearing this bra for a few days I came to the conclusion that this is one pretty amazing piece!! What do you think?

Alexandrea Anissa Limited Edition Bra

Alexandrea Anissa Limited Edition Bra


Friday, November 28

Black Beauty

Alexandrea Anissa Black Bras


Here is a small collage I put together at the last minute. From top right to left is the: Dottie Mesh Bra, Madison Mesh Bra, Crimson Lace Bra, Lace & Mesh Bralet, Fishnet Bra (only sample I made), Custom Kitten Bralet - Black, Ramona Mesh Bra, Limited Edition Lace & Mesh Bra (only sample I made) & lastly the Ramona Frame Bra. This took a lot longer than I thought to create but I am so happy with the results. I usually see collages like this floating around on Tumblr, Pinterest or my favorite fashion magazines. I will definitely be creating a lot more *___* . 

If you haven't already, I would definitely suggest taking advantage of my Black Friday Sale. This code can be used on ALL products in my shop. Be sure to purchase your dreamy favorites while supplies last.

Use code "BLACKBEAUTY" for $10.00 off your entire purchase!!

Code expires Monday December 1st, 2014.


Wednesday, November 26

Dottie Mesh Bra

Limited Edition Alexandrea Anissa Bra

Introducing the Dottie Mesh Bra, a playful take on the classic triangle bra with a seductive twist...

With 2014 coming to an end, I think it's best I end November with some holiday cheer. I will be listing new lingerie samples I made over the past couple weeks & more pretty pieces on sale. I want to clean out my sample bins & make room for my newest collections I have yet to release. *___* So if you admire this bra or are looking for something similar, head on over to my shop & check out the daring little numbers I listed.

Please not quantity is extremely limited & once these styles sell they will be gone forever. 

Limited Edition Alexandrea Anissa Bra

Limited Edition Alexandrea Anissa Bra

What's on your wish list this holiday season?


Tuesday, November 25

Goodwill Finds

Nikon Camera & 35mm Film

Nikon Tele Touch - $9.99 x 35mm Expired Film - $1.49 each.

These are my local goodwill finds. The camera works beautifully even though I don't know too much about it & the film is in mint condition. I already went through two rolls of film with my camera & now I'm on my third. I am currently using the ISO 200 expired film roll.

Can't wait to see how the photos turn out!! I will be posting prints I actually like under the label: 35mm Photography if you babes are interested in lurking. And for the photos I absolutely love I will be posting on my Flickr account. I am hoping I can capture dreamy moments for future collection inspirations.


Saturday, November 22

Made from Scratch

Pattern making the Fawn Lace Camisole

I am sure all of you know but if you don't, I am a one woman business. I create all my patterns from scratch, I hand grade them one by one (a tedious project but someone has to do it), I cut, sew, sample, quality check & lastly package every order with lots of love & care. Here is a photo of what the Fawn Lace Camisole looks look disassembled before I sew it. 

Fawn Lace Camisole Polaroid

And here is a polaroid of the Fawn Lace Camisole on. A delicately feminine piece embracing that devilish day in. 
Do you agree?


Tuesday, November 18


Unif Vault Bag

Here is a shitty polaroid of my new Unif Vault Bag. It was a birthday present to me from me haha. What I love most about this bag is the large O-rings in the front & that it is actually 100% leather *___*. It's a bit small, my makeup bag won't fit in it but that's okay! Less makeup & more room for my mini polaroid camera & kodak disposable. 

This week I will be catching up on sewing/ pattern making to prepare for my brand's Christmas launch in Tokyo. So exciting!! All you international babes will be able to get your claws on some pretty handmade lingerie without having to pay shipping. 

Keep checking back for updates/ lookbook launches & more behind the scenes photos. 


Friday, November 14

Behind The Scenes: Sugar Pepper Jones

Alexandrea Anissa x Sugar Pepper Jones

Alexandrea Anissa x Sugar Pepper Jones

Alexandrea Anissa x Sugar Pepper Jones

Alexandrea Anissa x Sugar Pepper Jones

Alexandrea Anissa x Sugar Pepper Jones

Wednesday afternoon I met up with the amazing Miss Hana Haley & the oh so lovely Amanda aka Sugar Pepper Jones for a quick photoshoot. We shot a few of my one of a kind lingerie sets mixed with Amanda's beautiful vintage pieces. Our theme for this shoot was to capture dream like moments of Amanda, playing around with the idea of when you try to remember someone you dreamed about but their face is sort of hidden or unidentifiable. Here are a few behind the scenes photos I took with my phone.

Even though I was not feeling well that day I was really excited to work with Sugar Pepper Jones. She is such a beautiful human being & I was so happy we had the opportunity to work together. Once the rolls are film are developed & edited I will share the complete photo series on my shop & possibly be listing a few new pretty pieces.