Saturday, May 31

Dot Mesh Bralette

Spent my day sewing a bunch of the Sheena Bralettes in the Dot Mesh fabric. 
They are officially ready to ship in sizes XXS - L. 

Friday, May 30

Dark Paradise Lookbook

Even destruction and disorder can be beautiful. Dark Paradise explores this idea with jet-black laces, power mesh, and spikes. 
Functional by day, dark and delicate by night.

Photographer: Hana Haley / Model: Frances Tomei

Saturday, May 24

Sweet Hell

Hot Pink Dot Mesh x Black Satin Bows, can't decide if this is a signature look or just an obsession, haha. Anyways, this is the Sweet Hell Set which also compliments a little 90's inspired choker currently listed on my shop, I am actually not sure why I didn't photograph it... This mini collection or set was inspired by a muse I fell in love with on Instagram. Andie, she is a punky little princess with the most memorizing eyes & has a fucking awesome sense of fashion. She currently resides in Mexico & lives an amazing life with her boyfriend.

Here is a cropped version of my original illustrations for the Sweet Hell collection. One of my personal favorites is the bodysuit on the far left which I never sampled ;< . I did although sample the longline bralette on the far right but couldn't really come up with the best way to construct the garment & gave up haha. I wanted all my garments to share consistent details such as the ruching, black picot elastic & a flower embellished elastic which I ended up not doing. I guess I was kind of disorganized or unsure where to start with this collection. This was actually my first ever collection I made prior to launching my shop, Alexandrea Anissa

 What do you guys think? Could you rock this punk inspired little number?

Friday, May 16

Baker Beach 35mm

Just a few photos from a roll of film I finally developed... If you're wondering who the babe is, it's my sister Marisa.

Tuesday, May 13

Floral x Dot Mesh Launch

Sometimes I want to look cute when I sleep, so last week I decided to make the set above. I sleep in my underwear so cute undies is a must! As for the bra, I made a soft bralette because I know not everyone wants to sleep with an underwire bra. The soft bralette is still cute, ultra comfy & can be worn to bed or lounging around your apartment. After falling in love with this set 10 x more than I thought I would I decided to add on a few other pieces.

Pictured below I made a Dot Mesh bra with a strap that goes around your waist. I know these are pretty trendy but being a small designer & doing all my patterns/ production myself I have to allow myself to create what I haven't already even though it's been done. I did a lot of research on the bra with the waist strap, I've seen it done on Hopeless, Karolina Laskowska, Lonely Hearts, Nasty Gal etc. I wanted to make sure my bra was inspired by the ones I found in my research but still different in sewing construction & I believe I accomplished that. The bra with the waist strap will be available on my shop in two fabric choices. As for the High Waist Panty pictured below, I made a simple panty with the same keyhole detailing as my Ramona High Waist Panty. Both of these styles should still definitely be comfortable to sleep/ lounge in. 

I will be launching this mini collection Sunday, May 18th @12pm. I actually haven't figured out a name yet ;< but please enjoy my photos & mark your calendars for my launch! 


Sunday, May 4


Introducing the Fawn Panty, a mesh & lace panty embellished with a silver cross & satin bow. I made this wicked little number to pair with my Fawn Bralette. When I first made the Fawn Bralette, a couple years ago I made it just for fun, I even had garter attachments to my original design. For the Fawn Panty I tried to make the center front mesh panel point in at the top forming a triangle like the Fawn Bralette bra cups. Basically I just tried to keep my design details consistent. I wanted to make a matching garter belt, maybe have it ruffle at the waistline but then I realized that would clash with the ruffles from the bralette. So unless I add another bra I may or may not create a garter belt. We will see. It will also be awesome to send someone this set & photograph it preferably with 35mm film. 

Well I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!