Tuesday, March 31

Blue Afternoon

Alexandrea Anissa Studio

I could spend hours & hours sitting at my desk sewing, pattern making or burying my face into my Macbook. Here is a photo of what my messy workspace looks like. It's actually not that bad since I was working on 4 different garments but it's still a bit all over the place. I don't know how I manage to work around my mess but I do. 

Lately I been OBSESSED with home decor so I am in the process of revamping my mini workspace. I work out of my bedroom so I only have a corner of my room to utilize. As my space comes together a bit more I will be sure to share some photos & possibly link you babes to all the office decor I been drooling over.  

Love, Vanessa V
Vanessa V

Monday, March 30

Spring Dreams

Crimson Lace Balconette Bra - White & Crimson Lace String Bikini - White

I have never been truly excited for Spring. I am more excited than ever because so many amazing things are in the works for myself & my shop. I been sewing like a maniac, hand dying anything I can get my claws on & slowly revamping my workspace. Although I am sick of my pink hair, I am truly obsessed with vivid florals, vibrant hues, glitter & lots of white lingerie!! *___*

Up above is a new version of the Crimson Lace Balconette Bra & Crimson Lace String Bikini. I currently offer this set on my shop in black but I thought to myself why not offer it in another color? 

Crimson Lace Balconette Bras in black & white

And for those of you new to my blog, everything on my shop is completely handmade by me. I draft my patterns, cut/ sew the samples, hand grade each individual pattern & finally finalize all garments. And yes I do sew the underwire bras myself. I personally love that I make everything from scratch. It means so much more to me & I am sure all of you.

If you haven't already, scroll down three posts & you will get a behind the scenes glimpse of my newest lookbook... Love Fade. Let me know what you think.

Love, Vanessa V
Vanessa V

Sunday, March 29

New Rose

Ramona Frame Bra, New Rose Mesh Bra & Ramona High Waist Keyhole Mesh Panty

Lingerie is for everybody and every body. I’ve expanded my mission of making every woman feel confidently sexy by adding to my range of sizes. Wear what you dare in strappy harnesses, cunning Kittens, and curve-hugging crop tops.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support me day after day!! I truly appreciate all the love. Please check out my newest lookbook New Rose featuring mega babe Isabel Hendrix & let me know if you are in love with all the photos as much as I am. Isabel is such an angel. I am so grateful to have worked with such a truly amazing human being.

Photo: Hana Haley / Model: Isabel Hendrix

Vanessa V

Saturday, March 28

Lola Balconette Bra

Over the past couple weeks I been creating a handful of one of a kind lingerie delicacies made from remnants of fabrics, notions & trims. Up above is the Lola Balconette Bra, available on my shop in a size XS. 

The playful floral fabric is actually from my sold out, Strawberry Rosary Lingerie Set (photographed below). I only had inches left of this fabric so instantly I knew I could possibly use the fabric for bra cups & a center front panel. I paired the floral cotton fabric with a red power mesh, hand dyed elastic, my signature satin bow & a hand dyed red bra hook/ eye closure. 

Strawberry Rosary Lingerie Set

This sweet little number is perfect for spring & summer. Sit pretty in it with some cute panties or wear it with high waisted bottoms for a day about town. 

Lola Balconette Bra

Vanessa V

Friday, March 27

Behind the Scenes: Love Fade

White Roses

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone. I've been absolutely overwhelmed with my shop; sewing orders, dying fabrics, designing new collections & putting together my mini workspace. 

Here are a few behind the scene photos from my most recent shoot with Hana Haley & Miki Hamino.  We shot my well known Crimson collection but in white! It was an absolute dream. Everything was so delicate & dreamy!! I am super excited to get the photos developed & edited just in time for a spring launch. *___*

Crimson Lace Balconette Bra - White & Crimson High Waist Mesh Panty - White

Crimson Lace Bra - White & Crimson Lace String Thong - White

Crimson Mesh Bodysuit - White

Crimson Lace Balconette Bra - White & Crimson High Waist Mesh Panty - White

Big thanks to Chantel Beam for letting us lounge in her mermaid-esque lair. Her place is absolutely beautiful. Anyone would feel like a princess waking up in her bedroom.

View the Lookbook: Love Fade

Vanessa V

Wednesday, March 4

It's Lust not Love Honey

Crimson Lace Balconette Bra

It's been 7 weeks since my injury & unfortunately I am still recovering. I kind of feel like it's made me a bit depressed, bitter & kind of moody. I just don't know if it's my injury that has me feeling gloomy or rather something else. Whatever it is, I tell myself someone out there has it worse...

Aside from being pouty day after day, I've managed to keep sewing pretty little treasures like the Crimson Lace Balconette Bra above. This is truly one of my personal favorite designs. Not only is it extremely cute but the lace is lusciously soft & it fits so beautifully. The Crimson Lace Balconette Bra is a definite top drawer staple! I currently offer it in sizes XXS - XL. 

Vanessa V

Monday, March 2

Lingerie Blues

Alexandrea Anissa Limited Edition Lingerie

Up above is a lingerie set I made from a damaged vintage floral skirt. If you know me personally, you know I love salvaging what I can from damaged garments & try to create something with a purpose. Surprisingly this lingerie set looks like a swim set ready to be worn & soaked in haha. If I did create swimwear it would look something like this but I know sourcing a floral print fabric like this would be difficult to find.

Instead of using my usual scalloped picot elastic to finish the edges I decided to cover stitch all the hems. For the straps of the bra I used a very delicate frilly organza elastic & finished off this set with two white bows embellished with a mini pearl. 

This set is an XS if anyone is interested in purchasing.  If I had more fabric I would have made a larger size. Sometimes when I am able to recreate something from remnants of fabric I honestly don't know what size to make. I have to make an executive decision & when I make the wrong size everyone complains about how I should have made another size. Truly there is no winning haha. Luckily my one of a kind pieces sell pretty quickly so no worries here. 

Anyways, I have a lot of remnants of random fabrics, notion, trims I saved for whatever reason & so instead of collecting more, I would like to give everything a new home. I am hoping I can sew something new every week, talk about it through social media & sell it on my shop. 


Vanessa V