Sunday, February 16

Winter Blues

Navy Lace Bralet

Harsh winters call for delicate laces. I recently created this Navy Lace Bralet detailed with wide satin straps & white satin bows. The lace was actually given to me by my boss because it was discolored in a few places & it had a few tears. But even it wasn't in the best condition I still managed to create this beautiful little number. I only have enough fabric left to make 1 or 2 more aside from the one photographed above. I have this bralet listed on my Etsy here in sizes XXS - L. 

What I really love about this bralet is that it's all lace & the scallop is shown beautifully along the hem edges. I used wide satin straps & these little white satin bows that have a little pearl in the middle. This bralet is perfect to wear underneath your winter layers or at home with a cardigan. Because of the navy lace & white straps this bralet is also perfect for a patriotic or Christmas theme!

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Saturday, February 15

Just Peachy

Handmade pastel lace garter.

Handmade pastel lace garter.

Last night I started cleaning out my supple bins & came across a lot of trims & notions I have no use for anymore. I definitely don't want my excess supplies I kept for whatever reason to go to waste so I am donating half of the supplies I don't want to my local goodwill & with the other half I am creating limited edition pieces to list on my Etsy.

For these garters I played around with two different pastel laces & peach colored bows. For the top garter I gathered the lace in the center using a knit elastic & added a vintage inspired V-shape strap. As for the garter pictured below I carefully stitched the lace to my garter base making sure to show off the intricate rhinestone design. Lastly I finished it with simple strap detailing & one peach bow. Sadly it's gloomy where I live so I couldn't take decent photos.

Handmade pastel lace and rhinestone garter.

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Friday, February 7

Flesh & Flowers


Amanda Jas Photography

Brunette girl laying in a bed of flowers.

Woman's body covered with two roses.

Girl holding a pot of flowers in front of her face.
Lingerie and Flowers.

Here is a collection of inspirational photographs for my next photoshoot. I will be shooting my Ramona Collection as seen in an earlier post. I will also be releasing a few new garments & accessories all functional for casual to intimate settings. Keep checking back for updates & my Lookbook release.


Wednesday, February 5


Polyvore Collage

Created this mix of dark & romantic pieces inspired by Valentine's Day. I used my Dark Paradise Lace Bralet & Dark Paradise Lace Panty from my shop, sooooo in love with the outcome!! It was actually fun creating this, I actually might try to create a few more in the future.

I hope everyone has a fun Valentine's Day & if your looking for something cute to wear, I am having a small sale on my shop. Use code "VALENTINE" at checkout & you will get 10% off your entire purchase!! Expiration is 02.15.14 so treat yourself to something amazing because you deserve it!