Friday, June 26

Behind the Scenes: Twin Flames

Crimson Lace Balconette Bra, Crimson Lace Garter Belt, Crimson High Waist Mesh Panty, Crimson Lace Bralette & Crimson Lace String Bikini - Red & Fuchsia

Here are a few behind the scenes photos from my photoshoot last month in Brooklyn, NY with Hana Haley & two very beautiful & local models. This photoshoot turned out EXACTLY how I imagined it to be. *___* I worked with such an amazing team, I am truly thankful for them helping me create my dreams into reality. If you haven't guessed already, this photoshoot is of my current Crimson collection but in a sassy red & flirty fuchsia! All of the supplies expect for the power mesh are hand dyed by yours truly.

I hand dyed all lace, trims & notions in my tiny kitchen & I made a huge mess.  >___<  I even managed to stain my kitchen sink haha. Hand dying fabric is a tedious project, but once you get your ratio of water to dye down you can pretty much hand dye EVERYTHING. 

Crimson Mesh Babydoll, Crimson Lace String Thong & Crimson Lace Cheeky Panty - Red & Fuchsia

Crimson Lace String Bikini - Red & Fuchsia

Lastly, this upcoming Lookbook will launch with a mini short film!! *___* Something I am even more excited about. So be sure to keep following for more updates & my next dreamy launch. 

View the Lookbook: Twin Flames

Love, Vanessa V
Vanessa V

Thursday, June 25

Whole Lotta Love

Alexandrea Anissa's T-Shirt Shorts

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts. I been sick with a nasty flu all week & I been going through a lot in my personal life. But no worries! A pack of cigarettes & some therapy have done me good so far. Only time will tell where I will go from here.

 Anyways, I been slowly cleaning out my closet & this storage I pay for every month & started creating T-Shirt Shorts out of distressed t-shirts I never wear anymore. *___* So far I created about 6 pairs of shorts in sizes XS - M. Please note I've only created shorts from t-shirts I already own with the largest size being a Medium. Next week I should be offering two more pair of shorts in a size L & XL. And yes 80% of the shorts will be of the Misfits band! Sorry guys. >___< The Misfits have been my favorite band since forever haha.

Alexandrea Anissa's Misfit T-Shirt Shorts

Alexandrea Anissa's Ramones T-Shirt Shorts

Once I get around to cleaning out my closet & storage I will list more shorts on my shop or on my Depop (Username: alexandreanissa). Thank you so much for following & thank you so much for your support!! 

Vanessa V

Wednesday, June 24

I wish I never met you

Ramona Mesh Bra & Kitten High Waist Panty

A few months ago I had the amazing opportunity to work with Danielle DeFoe. *___* She is a Los Angeles based fashion photographer with an eye for playful sexiness mixed with a hint of gritty punk rock. Here are a few photographs from a recent photoset she did with the oh so lovely Natalie Krim in my lingerie. All photos are linked up back to my shop, so if you're feeling frisky & want to purchase something dreamy, click away!!

Sheena Bralette - Dot Mesh & Sheena Panty

Ramona Mesh Bra & Kitten High Waist Panty

Ramona Frame Bra

Ramona High Waist Keyhole Mesh Panty

Ramona Frame Bra & Ramona High Waist Keyhole Mesh Panty

Ramona Frame Bra & Ramona High Waist Mesh Keyhole Panty

Ramona Frame Bra - White & Ramona Frame Panty - White

And if you're swooning over for more, Danielle DeFoe teamed up with mega babe Tamara Sky & created a short film titled "I wish I never met you." Watch below & be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more video updates!

Photos: Danielle DeFoe / Model: Natalie Krim

Love, Vanessa V
Vanessa V

Wednesday, June 3

Rude Divinity

Rude Divinity Packaging

Rude Divinity T-Shirts

Aside from wearing dreamy handmade lingerie, I LOVE wearing band t-shirts, black jeans, my converse or some kind boots. I sew almost every single day so aside from food, comfort is always on mind.

I was lucky enough to find this super amazing Iron Maiden t-shirt on Depop. If you don't know what Depop is, it's basically an app where people sell shit they don't want. Kind of like an online flea market. So far I had small success selling on there. Only downfall is that Depop does take a hefty chunk of your profit from each sale & on top of that PayPal takes their fee so that kind of leaves you with little to no profit. Either way it's easy & awesome to use. If you spend maybe a good hour browsing through everyone's shops you can find some pretty neat treasures. 

Rude Divinity Iron Maiden Distressed T-shirt

Back to my super amazing shirt haha. Umm... I bought this t-shirt on Depop before my trip to New York. I ordered a size large so that I could have an oversized fit. My t-shirt is exactly like it is photographed above but fits me a bit differently than the model. My boobs are like 3 times larger than hers so I kind of feel like my shirt has a 80's cut off vibe to it. But it's cool. I still love it! As soon as I take some time to actually get ready I will post photos of me wearing it. In the meantime check out Rude Divinity's shop & request a custom item from them or just shop their currently products. 

Love, Vanessa V
Vanessa V