Sunday, January 26

Ramona: Part One

Ramona Harness, Ramona Frame Bra, Ramona Garter Belt

So I've been working nonstop the past couple weeks preparing for my upcoming shoot this Friday & along with creating styles I had set in stone I also ended up creating new pieces for my shoot. Up above is my Ramona Collection, this collection consists of a cage bra, harness and garter belt all made from an extremely soft satin elastic. Before I created this collection I had to source out my materials, I wanted to make sure I could offer a harness collection made up from the highest quality elastic I could find. I definitely wanted my pieces to stand out from other shops that currently sell similar styles & I believe I accomplished that.

Ramona Harness

Ramona Garter Belt

For this collection I tried to keep my pieces consistent with small construction details such as the tabs w/ the rings, satin bows, adjustable straps and hook closures on the backs. The waist elastics are not adjustable (true to size) but all the straps, cups etc are adjustable to perfectly fit someone's frame. All three pieces are offered in sizes XXS - XXL. The harness and garter belt are currently listed on my shop and for the bra, it should be up sometime next week. I will also be offering these pieces in white very soon so keep checking back for collection updates!!


Friday, January 24

Angels with Dirty Faces

Dark Paradise Lingerie Set

Last weekend I added yet another addition to my Dark Paradise Collection, the lace bralet pictured above. I was inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest and decided my mini collection could use another lacey little number. For this bralet I was torn between adding an underwire or leaving it as a soft cup bra. The only reason I didn't add an underwire was because I would have wanted to change the style lines which would have changed the finished look completely & with the other pieces in the collection being extremely simple I thought it was best to keep this collection consistent & leave the underwire out. 

This style bralet I will only be offering sizes XXS - L. I haven't actually fit an XL bralet on anyone just yet so I definitely don't want to list any XL bralets until I know they will fit properly and offer some kind of support. I do all my own pattern making, grading, sampling & everything in between so with that being said it takes time for me to create something, fit it, make changes and finally grade it. I've been asked quite a bit about offering plus sizes for my line and I just want to say I definitely would love to offer plus sizes in the future. Whenever I plan to offer plus sizes I would have to do extensive research about sizing, measurements, support and most importantly my potential customer. I would have to put myself in my customer's shoes and make sure my garments support/ fit her every need making sure she is extremely comfortable in her own skin. 

Lastly, I just want to thank anyone who actually takes the time to read my blog. I really really appreciate it!! I will try to post more behind the scenes, work in progress photos & hopefully post some videos. Thanks again for reading!!


Sunday, January 19

Lace Knickers

Dark Paradise Lace Panty

In a previous post I wrote about working on a lace hipster/ bikini style panty whatever you want to call it & well now it's here! This panty is extremely comfortable, cute & a little cheeky. As always I had to add a black satin bow on the front. This lacey little number is an addition to my Dark Paradise Collection inspired by the beauty in disorder & destruction within myself & my surroundings. Something dark, feminine & still functional for day to day wear.


Saturday, January 18


Dark Paradise Lingerie, Alexandrea Anissa Spiked Garters and a Black Rose Clip

Aside from this week being extremely stressful I still managed to be productive & take this pretty photograph. Up above (from right to left) is the Dark Paradise Lace Bra, Crimson Hair Clip, Dark Paradise Lace Panty (currently in production) & the Beautiful Death Garter Set all from my shop. Very dark, pretty & delicate... something I hope to capture at my next shoot.

Well I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, sorry about the short post.
I still have a lot of sewing & pattern making to complete before the end of the night.


Friday, January 10


Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

Just thought I would share a few photographs from my week. Up above is the newest machine I got to play with at the Dollhouse Bettie studio. Very powerful & amazing! If you guys don't already know, aside from running my shop Alexandrea Anissa I work for Dollhouse Bettie in San Francisco. I basically work behind all the production in their studio (not their retail shop on Haight Street). It has its ups & downs but overall I love it. 

Sneak peek of some technical flats I did for Dollhouse Bettie. This set is from their Lotus Blossom collection. I am currently working on creating their line sheets just before they fly off to New York & start selling at wholesale.
Dark Paradise Lace Panty

Lastly, here is a lace panty I been working on. The fit is absolutely amazing & super comfy! I sewed two samples before I finished this one. At first I wanted to create a hipster style panty but my first sample came out too big so I adjusted my pattern & accidentally turned it into a bikini style panty. Didn't want that so I adjusted my pattern once more & came up with this! I love the results & plan on listing it on my shop very soon.


Friday, January 3

Angel Dust

Babydoll Bralette from Alexandrea Anissa Etsy

I been swamped with sewing lately & working on a new collection for my shoot booked in a couple weeks. Sewing a new collection also means organizing my garment rack & giving sample garments new loving homes. I am going to be listing lots of old/ new samples over the weekend on my Etsy shop here. All the samples I have created are in excellent condition & extremely limited. 

Above is a pretty velvet & mesh bralette I made over a year & a half ago. It's a XS, super comfy & easy to wear with almost anything. What I really love about this piece is that it can be worn outside your bedroom since the mesh panels only expose your midriff. This bralette pairs well with high waisted bottoms & cardigans!

Below is a high waisted mesh panty I made when I first started sewing lingerie. It has probably been sitting in my closet for like 2 years. It's in perfect condition & can use a beautiful home. This panty is also extremely comfortable & is perfect for wearing around your apartment or under skirts or dresses when going out. 

Crimson High Waist Mesh Panty

All are available on my Etsy! My little trials & errors can be your sweet treasures.