Monday, September 14

Farewell Little Fawn

Fawn Lace Balconette Bra

Hey Babes!! I recently added the black & white colorways to the Fawn Lace Balconette Bra.  *___*  Fucking finally! Haha. I also recently updated my bra band pattern so the mesh band curves beautifully around your underbust. I absolutely love the Fawn Lace Balconette Bra in the black colorway! It's such a daring, sexy & edgy piece. Truly memorizing & fits like a dream! 

Fawn Lace Balconette Bra

Close up of the Fawn Lace Balconette Bra front. The black & white version of this bra is detailed with a silver cross charm while the red & pink version is detailed with a silver heart charm. 

Fawn Lace Balconette Bra

And another beautiful photo for you babes!! What you do you think? I currently offer the Fawn Lace Balconette Bra in black, white, red or pink in sizes XXS - XL or bra sizes 30B - 38C. This week I will be sampling a 2XL underwire bra which would fit a 36DD or 38D. I am excited & I promise I will share my progress with you babes!! Just need to a find a fit model... maybe I can use my mom haha.
Fawn Lace Balconette Bra, Fawn Mesh Garter Skirt and Fawn Mesh Panty

And of course I had to create this little set. All pieces from my collection mix & match beautifully so don't hesitate to play around with seductive strapping & mesh layering. 

If you missed out my post on Instagram... I announced I will be discounting my Fawn collection in both the black and white colorways. ;___; With 2016 around the corner I decided it's time I retire a few of my current collections so that I can focus on 2016 designs. The last day to purchase from my Fawn collection is October 31st. So be sure to purchase your dreamy favorites while supplies last. Everything is sold on a first come first serve basis, so if you wait to purchase your favorite styles you might miss out on this collection forever! ;___; Get it before you regret it babes!!

Vanessa V

Monday, September 7

Red Lips & Rose Hips

Alexandrea Anissa Floral Lingerie

A couple weeks ago I made this floral lingerie duo for my High By The Beach Lookbook. I had this rose fabric sitting pretty on my garment rack for months & finally convinced myself that I should use it. I was so unsure what I wanted to make but I thought I could create my own Stella McCartney inspired floral lingerie set. 

Alexandrea Anissa Floral Lingerie

I developed a cropped longline style balconette bra & matching bikini panty. I ALWAYS use power mesh for all my designs so for this lingerie set I made sure NOT to haha. The back of the longline bra has a long four hook/ eye satin closure & adjustable straps made from the self fabric. I have about a yard left of this rose fabric so less than 5 lingerie sets will be made, signed & numbered by yours truly. I won't be releasing this lingerie set until I release my High By The Beach Lookbook but I thought I'd give you babes a heads up. 

View the Lookbook: High By The Beach

Vanessa V

Sunday, September 6

Creative Workspace: Part One

Alexandrea Anissa's Creative Workspace: Part One

If you didn't already know, I am a one woman business working from my tiny apartment bedroom. After I graduated FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) back in 2013, I slowly started turning my bedroom into a mini office/ creative workspace. Fast forward 2 years & now half of my bedroom is dedicated to my shop Alexandrea Anissa. Although I love working from home, I am in need of a much larger space especially if I want to hire an intern. As I stated in an earlier post here, I would like a space large enough to occupy 4 sewing machines, a new desktop, a photoshoot area & a cutting table. *___* Whether or not I find a studio to work in I think it would be awesome to revamp my current creative workspace & slowly take you babes behind the seams of Alexandrea Anissa

Up above I put together a mini collage of a few items I been lusting over. Right now the color scheme for my creative workspace is pink, black & white. I thought about painting my bedroom walls pink but I doubt my boyfriend would like that idea haha. So check out the links below & stay tuned for a Part Two post. I will be ordering everything after labor day & hopefully be revamping my space by next weekend.



1. Gavik Table Lamp - Small table lamp available in an array of candy coated colors. I am sticking to the white version to keep my space clean, simple & chic.

2. Bracka Scented Candles - Although I currently own a gazillion candles, none of them are pink. ;___; So of course I am going to need these haha. If candles aren't your thing, I would suggest incense.

3. Pink Deer - I am not exactly sure why I need this but it's a deer & it's cute haha. I might use it to hang my jewelry or hang tags. 

4. Blog Planner & To-Do List - Beautiful & effective handmade planners. As much as I love to use my Moleskine the layout doesn't really work for me so I am definitely looking forward to trying these out. 

5. Abstract Striped Pillow Cover - Aside form leopard print I am obsessed with anything striped! *___* This handmade cover is unique & will make for a comfy cushion. 

6. Scented Candle - Probably the dreamiest candle I have ever seen! *___* Of course I will probably never light it but it would make cute office decor. 

7. Faux Sheepskin Rug - Ever since I went over to @bambidoll_'s house I been dying to get my claws on a sheepskin rug. So comfy, cute & will make for a great photo backdrop. 

8. Pink Desk Chair - Since I can't afford a really expensive swivel desk chair I think this pink chair will make for an upgrade. I currently use a chair I bought at a goodwill in Santa Cruz, CA. I actually rolled it down two blocks to get to my car & take it home haha. 

9. Lace Candle Holders - Dreamy delicacies for my desk. Candles set the mood so I am all for these cute holders.

Vanessa V

Saturday, September 5

Pastel Dreamin'

Babydoll Bralette and Babydoll Panty

I just added a new dreamy colorway to my Babydoll Bralette & matching Babydoll Panty. This soft-hued duo will melt your heart & hug your hips in all the right pieces. Both styles are handmade to order in your choice of a white or black colorway in sizes XXS - 2XL. Quantity for the Babydoll Lingerie Set is extremely limited so be sure to purchase your dreamy favorites while supplies last.

Babydoll Bralette and Babydoll Panty

Vanessa V

Thursday, September 3

Brooklyn Baby

Alexandrea Anissa's Crimson Collection

Here is a behind the scenes photo of a new unreleased collection hanging pretty in Hana Haley's studio in Brooklyn, NY. I truly loved my visit there & I can't wait to go back! ;___; I will be launching a new lookbook within the next month so keep your eyes peeled for dreamy newness. 

In the meanwhile I am kind of searching for my own office/ workspace. I currently still work from my tiny apartment bedroom alongside my two cats. My desk is cluttered with three sewing machines & two MacBooks. It would be awesome if I could get a space big enough to occupy 4 - 5 sewing machines & a completely new desktop. *___* I also would love a mini photoshoot area & a huge cutting table. I do feel like it might be a bit pointless to find an office/ workspace when I want to move to New York but I could always utilize my time here & possibly get an intern to help me out with all the little things here & there. 

I'll keep you babes updated. Thanks for following!

Vanessa V