Thursday, December 26

Rose Milk

Gemma's Lace Stockings

Hope everyone has been having an awesome December. Mine was filled with lots of ups & downs but overall it's been okay. I been sick with bronchitis the past couple weeks ;____; & decided the best medicine would be to actually sleep for once & to take a break from my creative work. Now that I am feeling better I am going to start working on new pieces for my next mini collection. 

Baby pink velvet, sheer mesh, strapping details & alluring cut outs. I am currently obsessed with a lot of peek a boo lingerie or garments with a cut out detail of some sort so I decided why not create a few pieces of my own. I am hoping to launch this collection sometime late January or February.

Handmade Crimson Rose Hair Clip Product Photo

Aside from that, the Babydoll Hair Clip is now offered in Black!! Perfect for gloomy, moody darker days. I typically wear my rose clip whenever I do not have the chance to brush my hair or if I still have Tuesday's curls in. Easy to wear for a messy cute hair style. Below are the other colors listed on my shop, my second personal favorite is red! 

Crimson Rose Hair Clip, Babydoll Rose Hair Clip, Red Rose Hair Clip and Daisy Flower Hair Clip

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