Saturday, February 15

Just Peachy

Handmade pastel lace garter.

Handmade pastel lace garter.

Last night I started cleaning out my supple bins & came across a lot of trims & notions I have no use for anymore. I definitely don't want my excess supplies I kept for whatever reason to go to waste so I am donating half of the supplies I don't want to my local goodwill & with the other half I am creating limited edition pieces to list on my Etsy.

For these garters I played around with two different pastel laces & peach colored bows. For the top garter I gathered the lace in the center using a knit elastic & added a vintage inspired V-shape strap. As for the garter pictured below I carefully stitched the lace to my garter base making sure to show off the intricate rhinestone design. Lastly I finished it with simple strap detailing & one peach bow. Sadly it's gloomy where I live so I couldn't take decent photos.

Handmade pastel lace and rhinestone garter.

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