Tuesday, May 13

Floral x Dot Mesh Launch

Sometimes I want to look cute when I sleep, so last week I decided to make the set above. I sleep in my underwear so cute undies is a must! As for the bra, I made a soft bralette because I know not everyone wants to sleep with an underwire bra. The soft bralette is still cute, ultra comfy & can be worn to bed or lounging around your apartment. After falling in love with this set 10 x more than I thought I would I decided to add on a few other pieces.

Pictured below I made a Dot Mesh bra with a strap that goes around your waist. I know these are pretty trendy but being a small designer & doing all my patterns/ production myself I have to allow myself to create what I haven't already even though it's been done. I did a lot of research on the bra with the waist strap, I've seen it done on Hopeless, Karolina Laskowska, Lonely Hearts, Nasty Gal etc. I wanted to make sure my bra was inspired by the ones I found in my research but still different in sewing construction & I believe I accomplished that. The bra with the waist strap will be available on my shop in two fabric choices. As for the High Waist Panty pictured below, I made a simple panty with the same keyhole detailing as my Ramona High Waist Panty. Both of these styles should still definitely be comfortable to sleep/ lounge in. 

I will be launching this mini collection Sunday, May 18th @12pm. I actually haven't figured out a name yet ;< but please enjoy my photos & mark your calendars for my launch! 


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