Wednesday, August 20

Weekly Etsy Finds #1

Cat Lady Sticker Set

I am always finding awesome cute things on Etsy so I decided I will dedicate a weekly post sharing my Etsy favorites. This week I found some holographic pastel inspired items. Each photo is linked to the current listing so if you are interested in purchasing just click away!! The stickers above are super cute, I'd probably stick them all over my fridge & use them for my journals.

Large bag Number 3 Holographic Vinyl Plastic Satchel crossbody strap (Handmade to order)

This bag is absolutely amazing!! I am not really a huge fan off the 90's trend but I do love this bag. When I was younger I use to carry around a pink quilted holographic backpack for my barbies & tamagotchis haha, now I wouldn't personally carry around a clear handbag. This is more something my sister would use but I do love the style of it. Looks perfect for carrying around a macbook, journals, colored pens & maybe some books.

Refurbished Bell Rotary Aqua Pink Phone

Ring! Ring! I really want this but sadly it's sold it D; . I would probably never use it but it's so cute & perfect. The only cool phone I do have is my hamburger phone but I NEVER use the house phone so it's become useless.

Holographic Pink Platforms

These babies are fucking rad!! Idk where I would wear them since I hardly go out but I would love to own them just because haha. Hope everyone has an awesome week!! Mine is been kind of wacky. Nothing is going as planned but that's okay cause I got to spend time with the people I love the most including my cats. 


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