Saturday, December 13

Dirty Laundry

35mm Lingerie Hanging on Curtain Rod

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. ❤ 
Here is a 35mm photo from an old film roll I developed over the summer. Can't believe how much time has passed since then. If you are an active reader of my blog you may have noticed I posted a photo just like this but with a bit more saturation here. It was from my DSLR... personally I like this one so much better. 

I always see "clothing hanging on the curtain rod" type photos so I thought why not capture my own. I hung up a few of my personal favorite lingerie pieces from my shop & snapped a few photographs. Of course I practiced on my DSLR before I actually took this photo. Shooting in film is completely new to me, so I definitely need as much practice as I can get.

From left to right in this photo is the: Fawn Lace Camisole, Fawn Lace Bralette, Ramona Lace Bra, Ramona Garter Bralet, Ramona Frame Bra & the Ramona Mesh Bra.

And if you babes have a flickr account please don't hesitate to follow me here. I will be posting more dreamy photos for the use of future collection inspiration. 

Alexandrea Anissa Heart

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