Saturday, February 14

Sweet Heart, Sweet Tart Valentine's Art Film

Sweet Heart, Sweet Tart Video Thumbnail

Happy Valentine's Babes!!

Hope everyone stayed busy the past two weeks. I know I have. I been working like crazy while trying to still recover from my incident that happened about 4 weeks ago (details in an earlier post). I thought by now I would have fully recovered but I was wrong. Another 3 weeks or so & I should be dancing on my feet in no time. 

Anyway's here is the part two for my Sweet Heart, Sweet Tart collection... an art film! There are two versions,  both can be viewed on my Youtube Channel or below. Which is your favorite?

Version 1

Version 2

Film: HH
Styling: Alexandrea Anissa
Music: "All the Saints" by Class Actress / "Love is Suicide" by Katy Rose
Model: @bambidoll_

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