Monday, March 2

Lingerie Blues

Alexandrea Anissa Limited Edition Lingerie

Up above is a lingerie set I made from a damaged vintage floral skirt. If you know me personally, you know I love salvaging what I can from damaged garments & try to create something with a purpose. Surprisingly this lingerie set looks like a swim set ready to be worn & soaked in haha. If I did create swimwear it would look something like this but I know sourcing a floral print fabric like this would be difficult to find.

Instead of using my usual scalloped picot elastic to finish the edges I decided to cover stitch all the hems. For the straps of the bra I used a very delicate frilly organza elastic & finished off this set with two white bows embellished with a mini pearl. 

This set is an XS if anyone is interested in purchasing.  If I had more fabric I would have made a larger size. Sometimes when I am able to recreate something from remnants of fabric I honestly don't know what size to make. I have to make an executive decision & when I make the wrong size everyone complains about how I should have made another size. Truly there is no winning haha. Luckily my one of a kind pieces sell pretty quickly so no worries here. 

Anyways, I have a lot of remnants of random fabrics, notion, trims I saved for whatever reason & so instead of collecting more, I would like to give everything a new home. I am hoping I can sew something new every week, talk about it through social media & sell it on my shop. 


Vanessa V

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