Sunday, January 26

Ramona: Part One

Ramona Harness, Ramona Frame Bra, Ramona Garter Belt

So I've been working nonstop the past couple weeks preparing for my upcoming shoot this Friday & along with creating styles I had set in stone I also ended up creating new pieces for my shoot. Up above is my Ramona Collection, this collection consists of a cage bra, harness and garter belt all made from an extremely soft satin elastic. Before I created this collection I had to source out my materials, I wanted to make sure I could offer a harness collection made up from the highest quality elastic I could find. I definitely wanted my pieces to stand out from other shops that currently sell similar styles & I believe I accomplished that.

Ramona Harness

Ramona Garter Belt

For this collection I tried to keep my pieces consistent with small construction details such as the tabs w/ the rings, satin bows, adjustable straps and hook closures on the backs. The waist elastics are not adjustable (true to size) but all the straps, cups etc are adjustable to perfectly fit someone's frame. All three pieces are offered in sizes XXS - XXL. The harness and garter belt are currently listed on my shop and for the bra, it should be up sometime next week. I will also be offering these pieces in white very soon so keep checking back for collection updates!!


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