Friday, January 10


Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

Just thought I would share a few photographs from my week. Up above is the newest machine I got to play with at the Dollhouse Bettie studio. Very powerful & amazing! If you guys don't already know, aside from running my shop Alexandrea Anissa I work for Dollhouse Bettie in San Francisco. I basically work behind all the production in their studio (not their retail shop on Haight Street). It has its ups & downs but overall I love it. 

Sneak peek of some technical flats I did for Dollhouse Bettie. This set is from their Lotus Blossom collection. I am currently working on creating their line sheets just before they fly off to New York & start selling at wholesale.
Dark Paradise Lace Panty

Lastly, here is a lace panty I been working on. The fit is absolutely amazing & super comfy! I sewed two samples before I finished this one. At first I wanted to create a hipster style panty but my first sample came out too big so I adjusted my pattern & accidentally turned it into a bikini style panty. Didn't want that so I adjusted my pattern once more & came up with this! I love the results & plan on listing it on my shop very soon.


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