Friday, January 16

Pictures of You

35mm photo of white roses

Up above is a 35mm photo I took on expired film. Truly love how it turned out. ❤  If you have a flickr account or would like to see more photos please don't hesitate to follow me here.

In other news....

 Earlier this week I was hit by a SUV while riding my bike to Safeway. As I was approaching the parking lot, I slowed down & watched the cars leave one by one to make sure I knew when it was my time to head into the parking lot. As I got closer, I assumed the driver of the SUV looked both ways & so I headed towards the parking lot entrance & unfortunately the driver didn't completely stop & was going fast enough that I couldn't use my bike breaks & ended up getting hit so hard I flew off my bike, into the street with my shoes off & everything. 

I instantly scrambled for my phone to call my boyfriend of almost 9 years but was so helpless & in shock. Luckily more than 7 people came to my aid & helped me to the side of the rode. The girl who hit me was crying hysterically & sobbing how sorry she was & wish this didn't happen. I was in too much pain to care. 

I was sent to the hospital in an ambulance, got stitches, medication, bandaged up & x-rayed. Luckily I didn't break any bones but unfortunately my knee was tore open, my face/ legs became swollen, my body bruised & myself all together helpless, limp & weak. 

I been in a lot of pain since then. I have to take medication every 4 hours just to get through the day without crying. In this time I hope all of you can be patient with me & once I rest up I will get back to completing all orders. All orders placed this week & forward will be delayed up to a week. 

If you are driving PLEASE look both ways!!!! Be courteous of bicyclists & pedestrians. I have crutches & can barely walk but I hope with lots of food/ rest I'll heal up fast. Thanks to everyone who continues to support my shop & leaves me such sweet comments!!! You guys are so amazing. Bless your hearts & your souls!! 

Vanessa V


  1. oh no! this sounds horrible! I'm always very aware of drivers because they are always so careless, on their phones, not even looking at the road, it makes me so angry! I wish you a fast recovery and send you lots of love XOXO

    1. Thank you so much!! Truly means a lot ❤ This is definitely a very physical & emotionally painful experience for me unlike anything else. I am just happy it wasn't a child that got hurt. :( All drivers need to take precautions & I hope everyone will just learn from this incident.