Friday, January 30

Squids Grotto

Hand Embroidered Cherry Girl Illustration

I truly love supporting independent, small businesses & artists... especially if they are girls!! I feel like there is more girl gang/ girl power floating around & it's absolutely intoxicating in a good way of course. There is nothing wrong with wanting to share or spread the love rather than seeing everything or everyone as a competition. 

I was fortunate enough to do a trade with Miss Squid Vish. She is the owner/ artist of Squids Grotto, an online Etsy shop catering to those urban mermaids who have lust for art. I been following her on Instagram for awhile now & love her work so much!! *___* She lovingly crafts hand embroidered illustrations of these girls who are adorned with cute little characters, doodles & food! Yes food haha. She has a Pasta Pinup Girl who is sleeping in a bed of yummy raviolis, one of my personal favorites... my boyfriend loves it too!! I am going to get the illustration framed & hang it in my kitchen. 

Squid's Grotto Hand Drawn Kitsch Stickers

Hand Drawn Kitsch Stickers

Up above are some of the stickers I was gifted. *___* Squid knows me well!! I am a sticker maniac when it comes to decorating my planners & notebooks. I just want everything to look cute while I work haha. 

Squid's Grotto Art

If you haven't already, check out Squid's work, support independent artists & spread the love!! Since I am still in crutches from my injury (if you missed out read here), I am going to have my boyfriend hang up this embroidery piece above my desk. It truly is a star piece!!

Shop: Squids Grotto / Follow: @squidvishuss

Vanessa V

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