Saturday, May 23

Candy Wrapped Lingerie

Alexandrea Anissa Lingerie Packaging

Hey Babes! If you know or not, I am a one woman business working out of my tiny apartment bedroom in California. Like everyone else I have to save money to purchase pretty treasures & to invest into making my small business as dreamy as it can be. Recently I invested in new packaging for my shop!! *___* Glossy white boxes lovingly embellished with pretty satin ribbon & of course my business cards/ stickers. Truly in love with my new packaging. I hope you all are too! 

All orders placed through my shop Alexandrea Anissa, will now all be lovingly gift wrapped by yours truly. Once I get a few more things sorted out I plan on investing on customized shipping boxes & tissue paper! So many ideas I would love to play around with but so damn expensive haha. Slowly but surely my dreamy ideas will come to life. Thanks to everyone who has & continues to support my shop!! Truly means a lot. I am able to do what I do because ALL of you! 

Let me know what you think about my new packaging... love it or hate it? 

Alexandrea Anissa Lingerie Packaging

Love, Vanessa V
Vanessa V


  1. I love the new packaging; it adds to the prettiness!

  2. It's a brilliant idea! It's like receiving a present, even if you bought it yourself!