Friday, May 22

Morning Lingerie

Fawn Lace Balconette Bra - Red & Fawn Mesh Panty - Red

Early mornings call for the warmth of hot tea, lusciously soft lingerie & a shaggy rug to slumber on. There is nothing I love more than waking up in luxury handmade lingerie. And I am not just saying that cause I make the lingerie myself but because when I wear something of my own or from one of my favorites brands I feel just a tad bit more amazing. *___* 

I use to think that dressing up was only for special occasions but as I got older I realized everyday can be as decadent as your birthday or whatever holiday/ occasion you love most. Seriously, why stop there? I feel like for most girls including myself, I want to feel empowered, have a bit more self confidence & feel fucking awesome all around. Lingerie does that for me & so does painting my face with a shit load of makeup haha. Everyone is different but if you feel like you're feeling down put on your favorite lipstick, maybe your favorite lingerie set, curl your hair, eat a slice of chocolate cake & just tell yourself you are beautiful cause you deserve it!

Vanessa V

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