Thursday, June 25

Whole Lotta Love

Alexandrea Anissa's T-Shirt Shorts

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts. I been sick with a nasty flu all week & I been going through a lot in my personal life. But no worries! A pack of cigarettes & some therapy have done me good so far. Only time will tell where I will go from here.

 Anyways, I been slowly cleaning out my closet & this storage I pay for every month & started creating T-Shirt Shorts out of distressed t-shirts I never wear anymore. *___* So far I created about 6 pairs of shorts in sizes XS - M. Please note I've only created shorts from t-shirts I already own with the largest size being a Medium. Next week I should be offering two more pair of shorts in a size L & XL. And yes 80% of the shorts will be of the Misfits band! Sorry guys. >___< The Misfits have been my favorite band since forever haha.

Alexandrea Anissa's Misfit T-Shirt Shorts

Alexandrea Anissa's Ramones T-Shirt Shorts

Once I get around to cleaning out my closet & storage I will list more shorts on my shop or on my Depop (Username: alexandreanissa). Thank you so much for following & thank you so much for your support!! 

Vanessa V

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