Wednesday, June 3

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Aside from wearing dreamy handmade lingerie, I LOVE wearing band t-shirts, black jeans, my converse or some kind boots. I sew almost every single day so aside from food, comfort is always on mind.

I was lucky enough to find this super amazing Iron Maiden t-shirt on Depop. If you don't know what Depop is, it's basically an app where people sell shit they don't want. Kind of like an online flea market. So far I had small success selling on there. Only downfall is that Depop does take a hefty chunk of your profit from each sale & on top of that PayPal takes their fee so that kind of leaves you with little to no profit. Either way it's easy & awesome to use. If you spend maybe a good hour browsing through everyone's shops you can find some pretty neat treasures. 

Rude Divinity Iron Maiden Distressed T-shirt

Back to my super amazing shirt haha. Umm... I bought this t-shirt on Depop before my trip to New York. I ordered a size large so that I could have an oversized fit. My t-shirt is exactly like it is photographed above but fits me a bit differently than the model. My boobs are like 3 times larger than hers so I kind of feel like my shirt has a 80's cut off vibe to it. But it's cool. I still love it! As soon as I take some time to actually get ready I will post photos of me wearing it. In the meantime check out Rude Divinity's shop & request a custom item from them or just shop their currently products. 

Love, Vanessa V
Vanessa V

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