Wednesday, July 1

Sleeping Butterflies

Sleeping Butterflies Chiffon Lingerie Set
No matter how many hours I spend cleaning & organizing my room, I still feel like I have too much stuff. ;___; This process is never ending! While cleaning & organizing my room, I did although came across an old ruffled top I bought when I was like 19. Instead of donating it to Goodwill, I decided I would reuse the fabric for a dreamy sleep set because someone deserves to look cut while sleeping aside from me haha.
Sleeping Butterflies Chiffon Lingerie Set
With the fabric I was able to salvage from this top, I created a sleeping masking, ruffled bralette & ruffled thong. My sleeping mask is okay, please don't judge my sewing haha! That was the first ever sleep mask I made in my life & for some reason my curved seams turned out really pointy & gross haha. I haven't sewn with a woven fabric in ages so I think I should probably should practice a bit more before I dive into designing more dreamy sleep masks. 
Sleeping Butterflies Chiffon Lingerie Set
I planned on sewing a size small bralette but I forgot this style bralette usually turns out smaller than I plan so it's now a XS haha. But that's okay! It still looks cute & it would be beautiful on one of you petite bodied babes! As for the panty I created a size small string thong embellished with my signature bows. All these garments expect for the sleeping mask are finished with a beautiful rolled edge. 

Sleeping Butterflies Lingerie Set
What are your thoughts on repurposing old garments for handmade lingerie? 

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  1. I love the idea or re-purposing old items of clothing, especially when it's such pretty fabric! So beautiful!