Friday, July 31

Sunflower Mesh Babydoll: Part Two

Sunflower Mesh Babydoll with padded bra cups

As promised, here is the new version of the Sunflower Mesh Babydoll with padded bra cups. I am truly in love with this piece & I can't wait to photograph it on a model! *___* I actually NEVER sewn a padded bra before so this was a first for me. Before I actually started sewing I did a little google research & found this tutorial online - Making a Foam Cup Bra. I quickly skimmed the blog posts, cut my bra cups & started sewing!

I only had enough bra padding for one set of bra cups so if I messed up I would have completely fucked myself over haha. Luckily I think I've acquired enough skill to wing it but if you want to try to sew your own padded bra, I'd highly recommend sewing a sample before actually using your final fabric. 

Sunflower Mesh Babydoll with padded bra cups

Here is a photo of what the padded bra looks like on the inside of the Sunflower Mesh Babydoll. When sewing padded bra cups you have the option to cover up the padded bra seam so for me, I created my very own seam tape out of the same sunflower fabric as the dress itself. I personally love when you get snippets of the self fabric on the inside of the garment. It's a truly unexpected treasure. Not sure if anyone else notices things like this but I do. 

Sunflower Mesh Babydoll with Padded Bra Cups

Here is another example of me utilizing the materials I already had by creating bra straps using the same sunflower fabric. When creating any garment I would suggest try working with as little materials or supplies. This will not only reduce your overall cost but it will keep you thinking on your feet. 

Sunflower Mesh Babydoll

Sunflower Mesh Babydoll - Non Padded

This is what the non padded version of the Sunflower Mesh Dress looks like. The top of the bra cups are finished differently but look pretty much the same.

Sunflower Mesh Babydolls

Here are both versions of the Sunflower Mesh Babydoll. Non padded (on the left) & padded (on the right). Which is your favorite? 

I feel like a lot of people are unaware of how a small my business is so I am thinking of doing more informative/ behind the scenes posts like this with possibly more detail. Would you babes be interested in more posts like this?

Love, Vanessa V
Vanessa V

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  1. you are truly talented. I love this piece and the details you put in it.