Friday, August 7

Frequent Flirt Club

Alexandrea Anissa's Frequent Flirt Club

Good taste should be rewarded. As a thank you for all of your support over the years, today I launched my Frequent Flirt Club - a loyalty program for all you frequent flirts who loaded up your lingerie drawers with Alexandrea Anissa. Each dreamy customer earns 10 Panty Points for every $1.00 USD spent on Alexandrea Anissa. This excludes any shipping & taxes. 

Each purchase racks up more Panty Points towards an exclusive discount code to keep you covered in my delicate mesh & lace without breaking the bank. So go ahead - enroll now & lust away.

If you purchased something pretty in the past, please email me, attach a copy of receipt & I will manually add your earned Panty Points.

Love, Vanessa V

Vanessa V

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