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Fawn Lace Balconette Bra - Red & Fuchsia

Photographed above is the Fawn Lace Balconette Bras in Red & Fuchsia. Such a dreamy duo. *___* The Fawn Lace Balconette Bras are made from a lusciously soft sheer power mesh & delicate lace trim. The lace I use for this collection is only about 3" wide so in order for me to sew the cups I actually have to zigzag two lace panels together creating a larger width I can actually work with haha. I am always trying my best to work with what I got so if I have to get really creative I will.

For the bra straps I initially wanted to create ruffling lace straps but I didn't want them so dramatic (especially if someone decided to layer this delicate little number under a top or dress) so instead I created lace straps that lay flat against the shoulders. The back end of the lace straps are finished with adjustable satin elastic straps. 

As for the hem of this bra I recently changed my pattern so it curves more along the underbust (not shown here) rather than going straight across. As a small designer I am able to make small improvements that will allow my business & I to grow. I am always welcoming any feedback & if you guys purchased something pretty before please leave me product reviews!! You don't have to have an order number either. Just log into your account via my shop & leave a review. 

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Love, Vanessa V
Vanessa V

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