Thursday, September 3

Brooklyn Baby

Alexandrea Anissa's Crimson Collection

Here is a behind the scenes photo of a new unreleased collection hanging pretty in Hana Haley's studio in Brooklyn, NY. I truly loved my visit there & I can't wait to go back! ;___; I will be launching a new lookbook within the next month so keep your eyes peeled for dreamy newness. 

In the meanwhile I am kind of searching for my own office/ workspace. I currently still work from my tiny apartment bedroom alongside my two cats. My desk is cluttered with three sewing machines & two MacBooks. It would be awesome if I could get a space big enough to occupy 4 - 5 sewing machines & a completely new desktop. *___* I also would love a mini photoshoot area & a huge cutting table. I do feel like it might be a bit pointless to find an office/ workspace when I want to move to New York but I could always utilize my time here & possibly get an intern to help me out with all the little things here & there. 

I'll keep you babes updated. Thanks for following!

Vanessa V

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  1. you are growing so much and I am so excited for everything coming your way!!! best of wishes XOXO