Sunday, September 6

Creative Workspace: Part One

Alexandrea Anissa's Creative Workspace: Part One

If you didn't already know, I am a one woman business working from my tiny apartment bedroom. After I graduated FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) back in 2013, I slowly started turning my bedroom into a mini office/ creative workspace. Fast forward 2 years & now half of my bedroom is dedicated to my shop Alexandrea Anissa. Although I love working from home, I am in need of a much larger space especially if I want to hire an intern. As I stated in an earlier post here, I would like a space large enough to occupy 4 sewing machines, a new desktop, a photoshoot area & a cutting table. *___* Whether or not I find a studio to work in I think it would be awesome to revamp my current creative workspace & slowly take you babes behind the seams of Alexandrea Anissa

Up above I put together a mini collage of a few items I been lusting over. Right now the color scheme for my creative workspace is pink, black & white. I thought about painting my bedroom walls pink but I doubt my boyfriend would like that idea haha. So check out the links below & stay tuned for a Part Two post. I will be ordering everything after labor day & hopefully be revamping my space by next weekend.



1. Gavik Table Lamp - Small table lamp available in an array of candy coated colors. I am sticking to the white version to keep my space clean, simple & chic.

2. Bracka Scented Candles - Although I currently own a gazillion candles, none of them are pink. ;___; So of course I am going to need these haha. If candles aren't your thing, I would suggest incense.

3. Pink Deer - I am not exactly sure why I need this but it's a deer & it's cute haha. I might use it to hang my jewelry or hang tags. 

4. Blog Planner & To-Do List - Beautiful & effective handmade planners. As much as I love to use my Moleskine the layout doesn't really work for me so I am definitely looking forward to trying these out. 

5. Abstract Striped Pillow Cover - Aside form leopard print I am obsessed with anything striped! *___* This handmade cover is unique & will make for a comfy cushion. 

6. Scented Candle - Probably the dreamiest candle I have ever seen! *___* Of course I will probably never light it but it would make cute office decor. 

7. Faux Sheepskin Rug - Ever since I went over to @bambidoll_'s house I been dying to get my claws on a sheepskin rug. So comfy, cute & will make for a great photo backdrop. 

8. Pink Desk Chair - Since I can't afford a really expensive swivel desk chair I think this pink chair will make for an upgrade. I currently use a chair I bought at a goodwill in Santa Cruz, CA. I actually rolled it down two blocks to get to my car & take it home haha. 

9. Lace Candle Holders - Dreamy delicacies for my desk. Candles set the mood so I am all for these cute holders.

Vanessa V

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