Wednesday, October 15

Garden of Brides

Lonely Hearts Lulu Bodysuit

Lonely Hearts Lulu Bodysuit

Lonely Hearts Lulu Bodysuit

Loney Lingerie Bra & Panty

Not sure if anyone can tell but I am kind of obsessed with lingerie & flowers mixed together beautifully for photo inspiration. I truly love the delicacy, femininity & dreamy quality within the photos I find. I dedicated a Pinterest board to pretty photographs of flowers titled "Garden of Grays" for anyone who is interested in following. I even have a few photographs of my own included in that board! I found this lovely photo series via Pinterest & I couldn't help but share. Definitely saving for future photoshoot inspiration. You can view the full photo series here <3 .

Lonely Lingerie Bra and Panty

Photographer:  Lara Hotz Photography
Stylist: Stefanie Ingram


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