Saturday, October 4

Sketch A Day: 5 of 365

Hana Haley Polaroid

Years ago I came across the polaroid above on tumblr & instantly fell in love with it. I never knew who the photo actually belonged to since everything is poorly sourced on tumblr but I always kept it safe on my computer. Fast forward 5 years or so, I show Hana Haley this polaroid as inspiration & she tells me it's hers, ha! I never knew this whole time. It's weird how everything worked out. I never thought that one day I would met the babe behind the lens when I saved this photo. 

Anyways, this was my inspiration for my #sketchaday yesterday. I quickly sketched this out so it's not my best illustration & I could do better if I put more time/ effort & thought into it. I think it would be awesome if I go back to the sketches I did & try to see where they need improvements. I am terrible at shading & lighting. Maybe I need new markers. I absolutely love using Copic Markers but they come with a pretty price tag & right now I only have 6 in the colors pink & blue. Idk too many thoughts. Have a great weekend!!

Fashion Illustration


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