Sunday, October 12

Going To Hell Tour 2014: Part One

The Pretty Reckless VIP Lanyard

This past Wednesday I got to see The Pretty Reckless live in San Francisco at the Ballroom Regency. Last year I saw them play at Slim's & the year before that, I bought my tickets & didn't show up because I was extremely sick. I even had to present my FIDM portfolio to the FIDM board that exact day. So crazy... I dislike that I kind of regret not going but maybe I just wasn't meant to go. Anyways, here are a few photos from that day. I have a few more on my 35mm roll I just developed but sadly the Walgreens by my house doesn't do 1 hour photo anymore so I have to wait 5 fucking days ;___; . 

This year I was able to purchase a VIP ticket which included an exclusive Going To Hell t-shirt, signed poster, wristband, photo with the band & the opportunity to meet & greet the band. I made Taylor a bra, a top & even illustrated a photo of her. She had the flu so I wasn't allowed to hug her or give her my gifts directly but I did speak to her briefly & I practically died inside. I been a really huge fan of Taylor Momsen since forever so it was really fucking awesome to meet her finally. 

Going to Hell Tour '14 Polaroid

Going to Hell Tour '14 Polaroid

Taylor Momsen

The Pretty Reckless Set Playlist

After the show was over one of the TPR personnel threw the set playlist into the crowd & I was lucky enough to grab it :) .

Going to Hell Tour '14 Polaroid

Mark Damon & I. Please excuse my big cheeser, I was overly excited. We kind of look like a couple haha. Last year I took a photo with him but I looked fucken terrible so I am not posting it haha but here is a signed polaroid I took of him last year. 


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