Saturday, November 29

Madison Mesh Bra

Alexandrea Anissa Limited Edition Bra

Introducing the Madison Mesh Bra... a sample I was working on a few moons ago. This bra is actually apart of an upcoming collection I have not yet released. I was playing with a few ideas including style lines/ sewing techniques & unfortunately this sheer number won't make the collection cut. This bra has a hook/ eye closure, something I thought I really wanted for this style but decided not to go through with it. If I widen the back band & leave the hook/ eye closure, the Madison Mesh Bra will offer more support to babes with a bigger bust like a L -XXL. When I fit this bra with the hook/ loop closure on a larger bust it dug into the skin making it really unflattering. 

After a few sewing a few samples & actually wearing this bra for a few days I came to the conclusion that this is one pretty amazing piece!! What do you think?

Alexandrea Anissa Limited Edition Bra

Alexandrea Anissa Limited Edition Bra


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