Tuesday, November 18


Unif Vault Bag

Here is a shitty polaroid of my new Unif Vault Bag. It was a birthday present to me from me haha. What I love most about this bag is the large O-rings in the front & that it is actually 100% leather *___*. It's a bit small, my makeup bag won't fit in it but that's okay! Less makeup & more room for my mini polaroid camera & kodak disposable. 

This week I will be catching up on sewing/ pattern making to prepare for my brand's Christmas launch in Tokyo. So exciting!! All you international babes will be able to get your claws on some pretty handmade lingerie without having to pay shipping. 

Keep checking back for updates/ lookbook launches & more behind the scenes photos. 



  1. aaaaaaah so excited for you <3 big things coming your way xoxo

    1. Absolutely!! I really hope I can document everything with pretty photos too <3 I, myself am always intrigued with anything behind the scenes or watching my favorite designers grow/ work.