Friday, November 28

Black Beauty

Alexandrea Anissa Black Bras


Here is a small collage I put together at the last minute. From top right to left is the: Dottie Mesh Bra, Madison Mesh Bra, Crimson Lace Bra, Lace & Mesh Bralet, Fishnet Bra (only sample I made), Custom Kitten Bralet - Black, Ramona Mesh Bra, Limited Edition Lace & Mesh Bra (only sample I made) & lastly the Ramona Frame Bra. This took a lot longer than I thought to create but I am so happy with the results. I usually see collages like this floating around on Tumblr, Pinterest or my favorite fashion magazines. I will definitely be creating a lot more *___* . 

If you haven't already, I would definitely suggest taking advantage of my Black Friday Sale. This code can be used on ALL products in my shop. Be sure to purchase your dreamy favorites while supplies last.

Use code "BLACKBEAUTY" for $10.00 off your entire purchase!!

Code expires Monday December 1st, 2014.


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