Thursday, July 17

35mm Roses

Two of my favorite photographs from a roll of film I developed months ago.

When I was attending FIDM, one of my of assignments was to gather inspiration for a collection I would be developing throughout the class. My collection theme was The Life / Death of a Flower, so I ended up saving a bunch of images/ illustrations I found online. When I showed my teacher my inspirational images he asked me if I drew the illustrations & took the photographs. I responded with a no of course & he told me that my illustration work is amazing, so why would I want to use someone else's work. I really didn't know how to respond... I am sure every artist thinks their work sucks at some point & there are people out there a billion times more talented. So of course I thought about what he said & re-collected my inspirational images. 

After that experience I told myself for now on I want to take my own photographs & sketch my own illustrations. I mean he was right, why would I want to use someone else's work when mine is or could be just as amazing. So just recently I purchased a 35mm camera for like $10 at a goodwill & took a bunch of photos including the two above. Sadly I didn't really know how to use the viewfinder so the photos are kind of off but still turned out okay. 

I made a flickr account to share my personal collection of photographs. 
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