Monday, July 14

Monday Milk

I'd like to announce that every Monday I will list a new item on my Etsy. I have a pink zig-zagged tub filled with samples I made over the past few months, all are in excellent condition & haven't been worn at all. When I am working on new designs, I create numerous samples making sure my patterns/ designs are 100% accurate. As a result of this, I just end up with a bunch of pretty garments made mostly from remnants of fabric. I try to create samples in fabrics I am not using in production just to save my supply. 

I also recently started creating Treasuries on Etsy here. I only have two up but once I get more time I will definitely start adding more products. So if any of you babes are interested please visit my Etsy & shop your favorite treasures!!

Photo is a random shot from my very first shoot I did back in September '13. 
Credit goes to Miss Hana Haley.


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