Monday, July 28

WIP Soft Bra

Yesterday evening I started on a new bra style. I first started draping a bra with two darts around the apex starting from the under bust. I really liked it but wasn't sure how I was going to construct the bra so I kept changing my pattern. All I knew is that I wanted two darts on each cup because I liked the contrast of the mesh when being sewn together. After playing with a few ideas, I decided to remove the darts to create an additional style. I played around with a few sewing sequences & finally came up with this sheer little number. 
I guess you can say I referenced my Ramona collection with the contrast seaming over the apex & at the side seams. I am still unsure about my sewing construction... I kind of want to try a wider strap & maybe loose the bra rings all together. This sample actually came out a bit big so it looks a little wavy around the under bust hem but it's just my first sample for this bra style completed so whatever. I'll probably try to perfect it later today & maybe even design a matching panty x playsuit. 


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